Sundeep Bhardwaj
Sundeep Bhardwaj
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Sundeep BhardwaJ

A banker turned stand-up comedian and public speaker, Sundeep has performed in sold out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and across 11 countries. He enjoys significant repute as a speaker in humorous speech contests across Toastmasters Clubs in Europe and is a rising star on the European comedy circuit.

Growing up, he was terrified of public speaking, partly due to a walking disability. He took up comedy and public speaking as a challenge, and has not looked back since.

Sundeep met his wife while reading Catch 22 on the beach in India and like the main character, he risks his life on a daily basis raising his two boys even though he knows his mission is useless as the kids have won the war. Now a Luxembourger, he scored the lowest possible score on the listening test and as his wife can confirm, he is unable to listen in any of the four languages he’s mastered. Blessed with two kids, he spends most of his time convincing strangers that he is their real father.

Photo by Arteo Photography